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Hi everyone,

I may have a problem with the straw that I layed down in my raised bed garden please help!

Im pretty sure I picked up some straw that was seeded.

I have grass that is starting to grow in my garden now. When I scrape away some of the straw it has grown into the soil.

Does anyone have any suggestions to remedy this problem?

Thanks again
Pull all the straw out and lay down newspaper and then replace with old straw or hay. I put old hay (3yrs old) down in my garden this year.
My suggestion is some what like Maggies except that I would but the newspaper over the exisiting straw and then cover that with either commercial mulch or in my gardens I use lawn clippings only if the lawn is not seeding at the time it's cut. If you cut every week you don't have to worry about seeds. By doing either Maggie's suggestion or mine you will be adding natural compost material to you garden with very little effort;)

Update: Thank you everyone for all your responses.

I decided to take all of the straw out of the garden this stuff

Put down a bunch of newspapers and got them wet. Then I went and got 10 bags of Humus and Manure.

Spread all of that out on top of the newspaper.

We will see how it does....

I used straw one year, about 15 or 20 years ago and I had the same problem. Never used it again. LOL
when you want to use strar in the garden...I buy it early and allow the straw to set out and get wet and then go to seed ...then let the seedd die...then no problem in the garden beds..
duke what are you going to use as a mulch on top of the Humas? Weed seed that is blown from neighboring gardens and lawns will take hold and grow in your beds if you don't mulch.
I buy my straw the year before to make sure all the seed are gone. This year there was an old roll of hay that my husband and son had used for a few years during target practice that we used. Worked great no weeds.
Response to Swindy

Thanks Swindy and everyone for your responses.

What do you think about using regular brown or black mulch for the garden?
I use the brown mini pine bark mulch in my flower beds or pine needles. Only straw or hay in my veg. garden.
When I had my big garden I used grass clippings from the first couple mows when it was so long. Great under my tomatoes especially. They just sprawled all over it. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to