Sweet Meat Squash

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I was given this squash and was told it was a sweet meat squash...very interesting I though...I looked it up and so far all I found out is it is an heirloom from Oregon....excellent flavored deep orange flesh, very sweet.... The fruit are large and flattened in shape and the skin color is beautiful deep sea blue-green...I was told to put the whole thing in the oven and cook until it was tender...but I wanted to save the seeds so I cut...which I might add was not easy...had to get my machete out ...any who my question is ...any one have some good ways to serve it...
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We do the same way for any winter squash, Deb. But you might want to try using a keyhole saw or a drywall saw to cut those hard hide winter squash. It's safer that swinging a machete, axe, or cleaver. I take a pan, put a little water in it and put the squash flesh side down in the water and bake it until tender. Then I spoon the meat off the rind, mix it up well and add some butter and cinnamon to it. I put some brown sugar in a bowl on the table so people can add a little of that if they are so inclined. The winter squash are pretty tasty.
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Debe I planted these squash and they did very well. I got 10 off of the plant I planted.
Randy thanks for the ideas on how to get into these hard shelled things.
I have a hacksaw that is strictly for food use only
and it cuts thru the hides like a butter knife

I have never heard of this squash but it sounds yummy
but I love all squash anyway :D

I would prepare it with just butter and some salt (pepper too if you like pepper)
Well Randy , I do think by next year I will have a hacksaw...It was not easy when I cut it to get the seeds before baking it...As I said I did get my machete to get it done ...Boy Oh boy it is some good squash...Last night just ate it plain .....bagged up 6 pints and poped in the freezer for easy dinners and have a 8 inch dish filled for dinner tonight..will use a bit of olive oil and garlic and try that out..

Kya...the old farmer friend that gave them to me..has only five plants and we counted 66 squash...all at least 15 to 20 pounds...

Bluewolf...send me your address and I would be happy to send a few seeds to you once they are dry

Laurie, I will look them up..but was in hopes of some dishes people have tried and can fill me in on how they turned up...

thanks all
I love winter squash, but the difficulty in cutting them up keeps me from cooking it more often. I never thought about using some sort of power saw on them!
I love winter squash too. Got to plant some next yr but not sure where so the deer don't get them. Guess I will have to let it grow up the fence and then tie the squash to the fence so the deer don't eat them.
I have enough extra seeds for four people...aif ai get a freezer soon and do another one up then all those seeds will be up for grab...so for now first four that let meknow I would be happy to share seeds with
I would love to try some Debe. Thank you. If you are in the christmas card exchange, you can send them in the card if you would like. Do you still have some of the sweet gold or whatever they were called tomato seeds left? I would love to have some of them too.
I don't use a power saw, but use a saw that I can change the blades in. but the drywall saws sell for as little as $3.50 for a cheap one and probably $10 for an expensive one. They are made to penetrate sheetrock easily so they penetrate the squash hide pretty easily too. I have a heavy butcher's cleaver I used for awhile, but my accuracy wasn't all that hot so I tried the saw and it worked great. Since we are close to Halloween, there are punmpkin carving kits available for a couple of bucks. They contain a saw too that will last a short time, but you get the idea of how it works. BTW, I was told a few days ago that the pumpkin that you buy in cans for pumpkin pie is really Hubbard Squash, not pumpkin. It may be, but I don't care anyway. I have made pies using the Hubbard Squash I grew and I couldn't see any difference.
I never ate a pumpkin pie made from anything but squash. That is if my Mama was doing the cooking. She always used squash.
I always cook my pumpkins and made pies with them...you could , laurei just cook your pumpkin in the oven until soft to touch...then get the meat out and add a bit of what ever you like...and eat like that...I have, instead of pies just cooked th epulpkin then put in cook dish and add a bit of brown sugar, nutmeg, cloves and cinn...reheat and eaten it...not really like a sqush as it is sweeter ...but not really a pie either...but good eats either way...
Went and got another sweet meat squash today...so once I have room in the freezer will cook it up and have more seeds...
Oh and Mike had a nice new saw for me to use for food....can not remember what he called it ...looks like a dry wall one but bigger...
Hey, Deb, the pumpkin vines are all pretty well finished now. I wrote a reply on here to one of Kathryn's messages, but she didn't answer it. I asked how many pumpkins she needed. I figure I will senf her 6 of them though. I'm not sure she can use that many, but that would be better than coming up short. What do you think? I left her about 10 or 12 last year, but they were little fellows.
She has gone to a car show with Leon, she left tues, I think she said for 2 weeks but not 100% sure
Flower4Yeshua, sweet meat squash
is it a vine? How big of a vine?
Also saving seed proves to be an exciting outcome.I actually saved seed from Black Beauty Bush Zucc. summer and winter Squash and Butternut (vine) and got spaghetti and mallow vines! (my saved seed got mixed,so I don't know who gave me what.) Along with unknowns.You never know what you will get!
It will be extremely interesting to see what you get next year!
if you keep careful track and let us know... this will be something to look forward to after a long dragged out cold season which started here already :(:(*lol

Instead of pumpkin pie I and my daughter make butternut squash pie,it proves to be a smash hit.I usually bring 2 pies to the Garden Club meeting along with recipe! I'm not much on pumpkin so butternut works for us! Not much in the butternut harvest this year, have to buy them:(

they are a vine and the seeds will be true they are heirloom seeds saved every year by my old farmer friend for many many years...I have never had any thing different than what I saved...

Randy, she said she may not be able to can what with her wrists...my trip has been delayed but I can fill you in when we talk...she has left for any where fro a few days to two weeks....they may end up stopping by your place as I think they are going right by...will try and either give a call or stop by this coming week...but I think 6 would be more than enough for her...if you have extra may I steal one please?:)

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