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I finally got some red peppers off my plants today. I have several more turning red. I dice them up and freeze them to use in the winter for chilie, soups, meatloafs and other dishes. I have had more to turn red this year than I've had in the last 2 years. I really like sweet red pepper and looks like I'm going to have plenty this year.


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I really love to just sit in the garden and eat sweet peppers. I grow big bertha bell peppers and really like the way they set on and grow.
I didn't realize you could freeze peppers until just a few years ago. Besides dicing them I cut them into big flat pieces and freeze them on a cookie sheet then I put them in a zip bag. I like the bigger pieces for stir fry or sliced thin on grilled sandwiches.
I picked 5 yersterday but I think the rain is going to kill my plants again. 2" inches a day every afternoon!
I haven't had much luck with my peppers this year but I got an email from my cousin and a church member from a friend that runs a food fair. Every other friday she hosts target hunger and is not getting enough people keep it going. SHe has to give away 3,000,000 pallets of food this year. You sit in on a 20 minute worshop and go home with 25-40 lbs of fresh fruits and veggies. I plan to go this friday.
Dor is your friend not getting enough people to donate food or not enough people to take the food?? If it is the latter I would think the way things are now the place would be packed with people looking to get a grocery bag of food. Tell her to put up an ad on craigslist.org or freecycle.com to let people know this is available. she could also contact other churches in the area and Senior centers, day care centers. Post signs in emergency rooms at hospitals. 3 million pallets of food is a lot to give away and there are many hungry mouths all over the county. I wish there was something like that in this area. Let us know how it went when you go.
From the email that I received Swindy not enough people are attending so that she will continue to receive the food. I am not sure how much advertising she can do but I will find out Friday since it is so close to the end of the year and she needs to get the food out to be able to continue to receive it.

I have some neighbors that are not able to get around as well as I am and I can go every other week and I will share with them. My friend Celeste and I are going Friday as I have a van and we both can get some food. I can freeze what I can't eat in a few days.

I have and will continue to inform my relatives, friends and church members.
My peppers

I planted about 10 peppers and half I thought were sweet banana. This morning I found out they are bell peppers. Oh well, I can make salsa and I can chop them up and freeze them.


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