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Hey all this is my newest challenge. I am on attempt #2 having already killed 1 sinningia. So now I am asking does anyoneelse have a terrarium? How are you planting them etc. I am working on a milk botttle shaped glass container and using plastic wrap to seal it. I put in about 2" of river rock then covered it with orchid moss and then the african violet mix. I am getting ready to replant and this time everyone knows to leave the jar where I put it so we dont fry up anymore plants in the afternoon sun
I use to make terr. years and years and years and years and years ago
I do remember using charcoal like they used in fish agua. filters it kept the soil sweet and something else. If I remember right it was rocks, charcoal, soil, and plants
Kya I had terrareiums years ago and Ijust used pebles in the bottom and and then any type of planting soil. I used a wire hanger to put the plants in sprayed a little water in it . I always kept the bottle top open so I wouldn't get the moisture on the glass problem. I used the simple method and didn't have any problems with them. I haven't done one in many years but they were kool
same as sharon was saying I had many for years and they really took care of themself...they are great gifts to make and give...I did many in 5 and 10 gallon fish tanks...made little gardens with doll tables and such...gave them as wedding gifts and I know one friend I gave one to that still has it going strong...for over 7 years now...

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