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I went out Wednesday or Thursday (can't remember which)
and worked in the alleyway for about an hour before I got pooped out..

The first pic is from last year big "blob" there's a lilac bush
in there..a few "climbing"(I assume) roses and alot of Maple suckers as well as
English ivy entangled thru everything plus weeds

The second one is what it looked like after only an hour of work last week

I hard pruned the roses and the lilac
there is some dead "stumpage" that I'm guessing "was" the lilac
so I pulled alot of that rotted stuff out the rest of it still wasn't rotten enough so that's why it's still there
will try again later

you can see some of the places where english ivy was running up the wall
I've got to wait till the leafs on some of it die off so I can pull the rest
that derned crap was growing thru the roof!!!!

I used my truck to get alot of the maples outa there last fall and pulled some more on Monday

I still gotta finish up on the left side there is a pretty big sucker laying there along with a bunch of weeds
and of coarse to the right is my "brush pile" that needs to be hauled off
if it ever stops raining long enough when Ihave the truck to do it


this is the area where I am going to sprinkle all the seeds to fill in
as you can see from the second pic it is an incline and plenty of drainage


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Blue that was a lot of work. Did youcut the Lilac bush out or are you going to let it regrow again?
Blue that was a lot of work. Did youcut the Lilac bush out or are you going to let it regrow again?

I hard pruned it..if it comes back it comes back if it don't I won't be heartbroke..I'm allergic to them and only been keepin it because
it blocks the one window if it doesn't come back I can "groom" all the roses to block the window...
It's amazing.. the difference it can make to spend an hour pruning. That looked liked some really hard work Blue. Now you can winter sow some Spring flower seeds there.
That is going to look fabulous when you get it all cleaned up. Great work. I must say that my body hurts for you, must be sympathy pains.
nope no pain..stood upright and just lopped the crap outa the whole mess

no back strain:D

and yes Gloria that is were I'm gonna sprinkle a bunch of the seeds I have accumulated!!;) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to