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Last night I was taking a nice stroll with Missy the Kitty ( she loves strolling with me and will stay right by my side when we are out walking) we were heading to the pond on the property when I saw a tiny little animal at the edge of the woods. I picked Missy up as I wasn't sure if it was a cat or a little dog and I didn't want her to go after it. The little guy wasn't aware of me being there so I got a little closer and I could see more little tiny faces looking out at me. I took Missy back to the Apt. so I could investigate further without her. When I got back to the area there were 6 little red foxes OMG were they cute! They must be about 6 or 8 weeks old, their tails are still thin
( not much fur on the tail) I kept trying to get closer and yet keep my eye out for Mama Fox, she must have been out shopping for dinner for her little family. As each one saw me they scurried back into their den, which is right at the edge of the woods. I am going to go back with my camera today and try to get a couple of pictures of them, which I will post -- I wish I had a good zoom lens so I wouldn't have to get to close. I love living so close to nature to be able to see the beauty of the wild.
How wonderful to see new life...Look forward to pictures ...but do keep an eye out for the mom..
I can't wait to see pics.
We have a red fox out here on RARE occassions We have gray and kit foxes
I bet you were excited to see the little guy's.Their so cute when their babies.
Maybe you will be lucky enough to get a picture.But be careful of Mom.:)
It was rainy here today so I didn't get out to the fox den. I am trying to remember what time I was there yesterday as I am sure mom must hunt at the same time daily. It was in the evening. It is supposed to be beautiful tomorrow so I will try to get a shot then.
Never go to the garden or the pond without your camers! Waiting to see you pics that is so cool.
I just got back from the Den and Mama was standing Guard. I guess the babies were napping in the Den so I was only able to get a few pictures of Mama. I will go back out there this evening to try to get the babies pictures. She didn't move, she just kept her eyes on me. When I moved away she went to the opening of the den.


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Oh how very exciting! And she doesn't look unduly alarmed by your presence. I can't wait to see more pictures.
That's awesome! She's just beautiful! Can't wait to see pics of the babies, but be careful, momas are very protective.
I agree with Blue. She doesn't look unduly alarmed. Love the pictures too, Sharon.
The Mama looked pretty cool with my being there, but she never took her eyes off of me and towards the end she did put her head down a little so I thought it she was telling me I spent enought time there. I went out again this evening to try to get the babies. They were out playing by the den but as soon as they spoted me they ran into the den. Tomorrow I am going to approch it from another direction where there is a nice pine tree I can hide behind. Maybe they won't see me and I can get a couple of snaps off before they become awear of me. Mama wasn't around so I guess she is hunting for them. I am not trilled with the fact that when the kids grow up a bit they will be hanging out in the same area that my little Missy the cat calls her own.
You're right Swindy, one day you'll have 6 full grown foxes that will be hunting and in later years even more. Depending on your location, safety for domestic animals and might want to give the Department of Wildlife a call and find out if they see the need to re-locate them.
Gloria I called the animal control which is an Environmental agency here, last year when I saw a wolf hanging around. they came out and let me know that I was living in what use to be a rural area and these animals were here first. There were also a couple of bear sightings a couple of years ago. Their advise was "Just stay away from them" Down the next road over is a State Park with hundreds of aceas of wilderness so I guess this is where these wild animals are coming from. Hopefully after the babies are grown they will find there way back to the park.
I just got back from the Den and Mama was standing Guard. I guess the babies were napping in the Den so I was only able to get a few pictures of Mama. I will go back out there this evening to try to get the babies pictures. She didn't move, she just kept her eyes on me. When I moved away she went to the opening of the den.

Cool pics! The second pic ( middle ) :p looks like she was tired and resting her eye lids for a minute! Tks for sharin'!! :)
I have tried a couple of times to get pics of the babies but just can't seem to time it right. They are now scampering further away from the Den. the other night I saw them all running around by the pond, and as I started to walk that way they all ran offdown behind the embankment. I didn't know where Mama was so I didn't go any further. I am sure in the next couple of weeks we will see them around the property more.
Does anyone know how long they stay with the mother?
She is beautiful.That is very cool. She is watching you. Sometimes they actually rely on you for survival. By this I mean they are opportunist. By no means am I suggesting you interfere with nature, DO NOT feed her. But this is how the first dogs were domesticated by liviing near humans as a way of survival. Humans offer protection, food, and shelter without ever doing anything other than our daily lives. Larger animals who may be threats to her will not come close because of us. She has made a wise choice in choosing your yard.;)
Really nice pics. Just watch them. They will stay close as long as their is food around. Yes CG, she did make a wise choice.
That's Awesome Sharon. TFS
I'll bet if you go out without your camera they'll all be sitting pretty just waiting for you. LOL That's what happens to me and my bird feeders and bird baths. Lot's of birds all day long but as soon as I pick up the camera they all disappear before I can turn it on. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to