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Kya D

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Here is a pic of Fanny and Freddy.. Frodo is the one under the pile.


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another pic of them the day we brought them home


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They are so darn cute. All you need is a picture of the three of them and your darling granddaughter and you would win any photo contest hands down. I still crack up when I think of why you named them Fanny and Freddy.
Awww, that's the good kind of a puppy pile!

Isabelle is busy unstuffing one of her toys this morning. Gotta kill that squeaker!
Blue, my brother had a mutt that he named Ralph. Occasionally he would buy Ralph a toy with a squeaker in it. Ralph would go crazy trying to kill that squeak and once accomplished, he was all through with the toy. But it was worth the price of the toy just to see Ralph go into attack mode.
What darlings you have there! Makes me want another one. My dogs killed squeakers for years until last year I found a kong squeaker at PetSmart. Now they squeak most of the day until they wear themselves out. But know when they bring in a chipmunk they put it under a blanket and paw at it to make it squeak. Waking up at 3am to take a chipmunk back outside does not make me a happy camper LOL.
Isabelle only attacks the stuffed toys, the plastic ones with a squeaker she loves for playing fetch. The stuffed toys she holds on the floor with her front feet and picks and picks until she picks a hole, then she starts pulling out the stuffing with great, extravagant swings of her head and neck, tossing it around the room. She seems to think she's gutting her prey.
OK now sometimes I call them the little terrorists, they are now EATING my daylilies. Little beasts
Fiona gives Prince empty cardboard boxes to chew on. That keeps him from trying the furniture and other such stuff.
We have to pick up a lot of little pieces of cardboard, Kya, but it's fun to watch him chew and toss around a box and have fun without having to yell "No" at him all the time.
OK now the doxies are grown up at least in size, they certainly haven't out grown the terrorist puppy stage. But that said I have a question for all you pet lovers.
Fanny Mae (the little girl puppy) is black and tan she has a black back and lately I have noticed that she has several WHITE hairs on her back.
What caused this???? She hasn't had an injury or a sunburn on her back, they weren't there 2 months ago.
Happiness is a warm puppy.Did you know dog spelled backward's is GOD:)
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