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Hey!! I don't have a lot but am buying discount plants, etc as I can. Can pay postage or trade. Have to check with me for what new stuff I might have gotten!! lol Just got a full Pothos, have the Purple Passion Vine I am trying to figure out why the leaves are drying up/dying on.

Have fresh seeds:
*Lavender Moonflower Vine--small flower (not a lot of seeds)
*a few for Large White Moonflower Vine
*Cardinal Vine--red flower, wide fan like leaves
*Red Cypress Vine--red flower like cardinal vine but feathery leaves (Hummingbirds love both kinds!!)
*hopefully will have some seeds for my heirloom tomatoes later--just getting tomatoes now

Am looking for:
*Lion's Tail
*Leopard Lily (funny looking spotted, pretty)
*Cypress Vine with the pink, white, red flowers)
*Pregnant Onion (not seed--babies or small plant)
*4 o'clocks
*hollyhocks especially doubles/triples
*hosta (small plants)
*elephant ears--all kinds but I sure would love to lay hands on babies from those really tall large ones!! lol
So many things--too many to recall at the library--keep forgetting to bring my list!!
*Cosmos--really like Pied Piper (red one), the orange and the pretty two/three colored ones

Well--basically anything that will grow in zone 8-GA, especially perennials; anything easy to grow. Seed doesn't have to be fresh but not too old. The older seed is the more likely it won't grow anything. Some things are only viable for 1-3 yrs!! Some you could plant 20 yrs later and get a plant--but those are not the norm!! lol

Thanks all!! Library will be close Sept 7-20th but I will try to find other local library in the meantime to check back here!! I love this site!! It is so user friendly!! Happy Gardening all!! Later! Bonnie
OMG!!! Thank you all!! SOOOOOO MUCH!! WOW!! Guess I better remember to check my mail whenever I finally get home tonight!!! WOW!! I am sooooo excited!! HUGZ & KISSES!! Bonnie is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to