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I have 2 variegated spider plants that I just bought and combined them into one plant and they have these really long stems with little white flowers and I was wondering if I can trim those down some so they wont be so long and if I do trim them down will the plant still live and grow spider babies?? I just wanna trim the stems with the little white flowers on them down a bit not cut them completely off

thank you
HI Holy Wood and welcome to Gardenforums
The long stems you are asking about are what the babies will grow on. I don't know if you just trim the stems if the babies will continue to grow further up the stems. I do know that you can cut the stems all the way back to the soil if you don't want the babies plants. It will most likely push new stems. I think the beauty of the spider plant is the way the plant propagates itself with the baby plants growing on the stems. I have always let the babies grow on the stems until they were big enough to root and then started new plants to give away to friends. Hope this helps.
Unless they are in your way, like Swindy said, I would let them make babies. They are so easy to root in water or soil that they are kinda fun to root for friends or for more plants for you or to trade
thank you :)

well some of the stems have babies on them and some dont I was gonna just trim down the stems that dont have any babies on them because there kinda in the way :)
Altough one may be tempted to cut/trim long lengths of a spider plant to where they would be happy. After awhile,those ends you cut/trimmed will begin to get sorta brown looking and you will be tempted to do the samething as before to get rid of the brown/dead portion of the plant. ( good way to start killing a plant there too )
My advice would be the same as Swindy and Kya D on this one. ( you might not like that idea personally,but I can almost guarantee that you will be very pleased as you find yourself having a plant that came from the plant that's driving you crazy at this point in time )
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Welcome to GardenForums. I agree that those wonderful long stems can be a pest Here we just keep tucking them into the leaves and moving plants til they find a out of the way place to live for awhile. I have a hoya camphorifolia that pokes us in the eye everytime you walk by it. I think it is far better to find creative ways to deal with the stems then to cut them back. It really does take away from the beauty of the plant is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to