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I saw a beautiful perennial in a flower bed at a local Greenhouse and on inquiring I was told it was a Veronica Gertiano. I bought 2 and they have hand written tags on them. They are a beautiful flower with pretty blue flowers on a long spike ( flowers all the way up). I have tried to find it but have not been lucky. Does anyone have any idea as I am beginning to think it is not tagged right.
It's Veronica gentianoids.
It is not your typical veronica with small flowers on tight stems, even the leaves are different!
I've had these for years and moved some here when we moved from the city!
Check out Rob's Plants at
Mine bloom in May!
I thought I had a photo of mine, oh well!
Hi Ron YUP that is the one. Thank you very much. It is a very different looking plant and I really like it.
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