Wanted for trade or postage

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Kya D

Active Member
I would love to get my hands on coneflower:)
I am really wanting different colors than white or purple.
sundown, sunrise, double decker etc.
PLMK if you have some you would be willing to part with.
I am sure I have some double decker and a few other ones I can share with you Dawn. I will get them in the mail by Saturday.
THANK YOU!!!! Ms Dor what can I send in trade or I would love to send postage.
You don't have to send me anything Dawn. It is my pleasure to send them to you. You have been so generous to me.
You are welcome. I have about 4 different ones but none the Sunrise and Sundown. Please pm me your addy. I can't locate it right now. They will be in the mail tomorrow.
Dor I got the wonderful, exciting, amazing card from you this morning.
THANK YOU so much
I can't believe how many different kinds you enclosed.
You are welcome Dawn. I hope they do well for you. I looked the sunrise and sundown. They are beautiful. If I get some of those I will share with you. All these together with other perennials and annuals will make a beautiful flower bed. Mine didn't do to well this summer because of the heat but I look forward to next year.
They just really have some pretty coneflowers now.
Isure would like to get a bunch of different ones.

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