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I went out to feed the dog yesterday afternoon.It was beginning to get dark.I was home alone.I had a feeling someone or something was watching me.I was a little scared.When I turned around there stood my horse.
I took her by the halter and lead her to the barn.I got my son to go check the fence this morning.A huge limb had fell across it.From the wind we had earlier.I'm just glad she came to the house instead of the other way.That wouldn't have been good.She would have been on a busy highway,
This is my sweet baby Cricket .


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I bought her Mom at a horse sale.I didn't know she was bred.But we found out quick.She had this wobble legged baby.She has been here ever since.
She turned 10 yrs old in Feb.
what a beautiful horse, so glad she came to the house and you was home to take her to the barn
Kay I'm so glad Cricket knew enough to stay our of dangers way. We had a horse when we were kids and that stinker would get out and run away all the time. He would pass several farms with other female horses but he always went to visit his lady love up the road. He would scare the heck out of people when they came around turns. We had that horse a few years before Dad decided to give him to the owners of his lady fair before either the horse or an innocent driver got hurt. The understanding was they would give Dad any colt she night have. It wasn't long before a lovely colt came to live with us. Her father never ran away again. We named her Love because she was the result of her father's love for her mother.
Cricket is beautiful. I guess she just wanted to let you know that the fence was down. Thank God she is safe and no harm came to her.
Ahhh - what a sweetie.....nice she went looking for her mommie and found you before she wandered in unsafe territory. Something to be said about animal's instincts.
Randy we had a black quarter horse.He was my kid's baby sitter when they were growing up.They would go out and ride and play with him.No worries his name was Midnight.But we called him the old man most of the time.He lived to be 32 year's old.He passed away when my son was 16.I was home and went to feed and check on him.He was lying under his favorite tree.I called a friend to come with his backhoe and help bury him.Before my son got out of school.I didn't want him to remember his old friend like that.
I told him when he got home I needed to tell him something.
My big strong young man cried bless his heart.He loved that old horse.Now all we have is this little Appy/paint.
It was a sad day here too when Dusty died. But I think it was her buddy Duke that took it the hardest.
It was a sad day here too when Dusty died. But I think it was her buddy Duke that took it the hardest.

Yes our little Cricket ran from one end to the other of the pasture for two or three day's.Looking and calling for him.It was sad.
Fiona has said that she was going to get another horse, but hasn't mentioned it for awhile. We only have a couple of goats too. We did have 5. The two we have a Cashmere goats and are twin sisters. They are really cute, but seem to be afraid of their own shadow. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to