Weeping blue spruce

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I have a Weeping Blue Spruce that is 6 feet tall and it is covered with a snow bank with only one foot sticking out. How long should I keep that tree covered with snow, or should I start digging it out?
Welcome mh52! I can't answer your question because the mere thought of snow 5 feet deep leaves me gobsmacked, I just wanted to welcome you. Others will drop by to help you out, though.
In the forest evergreen trees can stay covered from the first snowfall until June

Welcome mh52 we are really glad you have found our little group/family.
Welcome aboard MH!
I wouldn't worry about your tree being burried in snow!
Digging it out will more then likely damage it!
Thank you everyone for the advice. I will just stay by the fire then and I know under the snow the tree will be warm also, just probably smashed. Ha
Welcome MH52...if you do venture out...I would love to see pictures of your tree with and without the snow...We have many blue spruce but no weeping...gonna have to google it...yes I am the resident google junky
I have tried to attach the picture of my weeping blue spruce before and after the snow storm. We shall see what happens. We received another snow and high winds today, so the drift just gets deeper.


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After seeing the before pic I really think it will be fine to winter over buried in the snow
BTW that is a darling little tree
Our trees fare pretty well with the snow, but when we have freezing rain, it's a different proposition.
Welcome! Cold looking picture! Where are you located? Just wondering. Now that you have found us and you are snug by the fire, continue to check out the site. Lots of great people and info here.
Stay warm!

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