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Hey there:) Does anyone have a weeping willow tree, I would really like to get some cuttings from one. I would like to grow a weeping willow in my backyard. Thanks and God bless.

Thanks for your kindness Teresa, what I am really wanting is a weeping willow I love the weeping branches.

But let me tell you a short story abot the cork screw willow. 6 years ago when my dog broke her back I had some corkscrew willow tree starts I had rooted and I sold some to a lady to help raise money for my dogs needs. Over time i have kept in touch with her off and on and last week she showed me a picture of her 6 year old tree and it is just beautiful. I call it the Josey tree after my dog:) Well she offered a couple days ago to send me a cutting from that tree, So i will have a cutting off the Josey tree to plant in my front yard and it is very special to me.

So now I am looking for a weeping willow for the back yard:) Blessing to you.

RR There is a horse ranch down the road from me with several beautiful weeping willow trees. The owner is a wonderful man who allows me to take my grandson down there to feed the horses carrots. At some point during the year he prunes the willows so they can sit under them by the lake. I will most likely be going down there again when DGS is on spring brake and I can't say when he prunes but I will ask him for some cutting for you if you aren't albe to get them sooner from someone else.
Thanks so much Bernie! So far no one has responded so will wait to see what happens. Its good to know i have a source:) blessings to you.

I have a Weeping Willow and it's just beginning to bud out. I can send you cuttings for postage. PM me and we'll make arrangements.
What a lovely story RR. I'm glad you're getting a cutting of your special tree.

Weeping Willow are definitely lovely, as long as you don't mind that their roots will grow forever to find a source of water. I'm on septic, so would be asking for trouble.
Gloria!!!! We have roots! 2 of the larger cuttings and all 6 of the smaller ones are now rooting! I am so excited I will give them few more days for the roots to get growing really good then plant them in little pots. Now the qestions is what will I do with so many weeping willow babies..lol
Thank yo so much my friend I love them:D

You are very welcome and I'm so glad they are doing well for you RR. This is the perfect time to root willows. As you can tell, I'm also a big fan of willow trees!
Well...you can always trade rooted cuttings if you have more than you can use. I wanted to include plenty so you stood a good chance of getting one rooted.
I've had 2 people send me cork screw willow cuttings but they arrived in bad shape and none of the cuttings survived..also why I mailed priority 3 day package to you. Cuttings and live plants can't handle being bagged or boxed up too long, they need TLC and fast.
Maybe you can show us a picture in a year or so??? LOl
Oh yes i will take pics along the way! Funny thing is i was gonna take a pic of the roots and then i thought, na you will think I am silly....but sheesh we are gardeners its waht we do..lol

Here's a pic of the Weeping willow I took cuttings from. Not a very good pic but...anyways..it's on the right. Mimosa tree in the front.


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I like willow trees to,but have cut them down after afew years because of the roots. ( talk about having extra problems from them ) Willow trees planted out aways from houses and any source of damage from their root system,I say 'Go For It and enjoy!'

- My quarter thoughts once again -
Glorie thats a beautiful weeping willow! Thanks for the pic:)

PRH I will be planting it about middle of my backyard so it sould be far enough away from the house and fences. I called my landlord today to see if i was on septic also because i dont pay the water here so didnt know..He said it was not septic an it is fine. Its so cool he lets me do anything i want here:D


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