What kind of theme gardens does everyone have?

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This year I am starting a death garden my centerpiece plant will be voodoo lily and all of the plants around it will be black or red. I am also still working on my medicine wheel garden
Well death is a unique garden theme. However it is part of the life cycle so why not eh?

I had thought about creating a garden based on the directions but the setting was not suitable. Bob wants a garden railroad.

How are you thinking of setting up your medicine wheel garden?

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Our first phase will be to collect river rock for the edging. Then we are going to lay out the spiral walk way to the center. We will fill in the path with small river rock. The center will be a small koi pond with only like 1 or 2 koi and red lotus with my buddha on a small island in the center. I have 4 pogoda lanterns to sit around the center. Then we are still working on which meicinals to plant and in which of the four sections to plant them. I also hope to be able to working in spots for big rocks that we have brought home from the herkimer diamond mines. I believe we dont spend enough time centering ourselves so what better way then the path to your health. I cant think of anyway better then to be able to take the path inward while tending your garden. As for garden railroads when I was young there was a house that had a railroad that came out of a hill in the yard I loved going by when the train was running. I think a railroad garden could be fun to create. do you have any ideas for it yet?
I have no idea for the garden railroad lol. We've talked about it before we moved and then once we got to Iowa I found an advertisement for a nursery that specializes in garden railroads. We plan on checking them out come spring.

So I have funny story about centering in the garden. When my kids were younger their dad and set up a stone circle in our yard. My daughter who was five at the time was teaching me what to do. She told me to sit on one of the stones and think about my thoughts. So I sat, closed my eyes and thought about my thoughts. When I opened my eyes she was walking away. When I asked her why she was leaving she said it was because I was taking too long lol! Apparently there is a centering time limit when you are five :)

Dora/Garden Goddess
LMAO that is priceless. CHeck out this website www.gardenrailroads.com it has a ton of info and links to blogs and it even gives book suggestions. do a search for garden railways magazine too. I can see all the little houses with their mini gardens. all the little bonsai trees. I am so excited and it isnt even my project. I am going to tell my son about it. When he was younger he used to love thomas the tank engine maybe something like this could get him away from the video games and outside. I am pretty sure I will never need a lawn mower again just paths from one garden to the next and a farm instead of a village house. You will have to keep us posted on how it is going. I can even see making a hyper tufa mountain tunnel so that it can be planted. little hanging baskets on the porches with baby tears. Even building the buildings would be fun. If you need any help with ideas just let me know I have tons.
ROFL I think once I get done with school (this June) the ideas will flow. Then my only issue will be time and money lol!

Dora/Garden Goddess
Dora I always have no money when I have time and no time when I have money.lol
Dora I have seen a few specials on tv covering railroad gardens. Boy were they nice. The people built them all to scale of the trains they were using. A lot of bonsi and miniture plants. One had the trains traveling through the mountians but the mountians were only 2 or 3 feet high. I hope you do the project as I would love to see pictures of it as it progresses.
I agree think it would be a cool project. I like the mini plant part of it. I am not sure I could handle the bonsai part.
Me neither, the last time I tried bonsai I killed the tree :-( Now I have to research mini plants woohoo!

Dora/Garden Goddess
I know of someone that has a mini garden don't ask me to name a plant *lol but it was cool,too low growing for me I'm more of a wild and tall grower as far as Perennials and annuals (if they would grow taller then 12inches)*LOL

I had a Salad Bowl Garden *lol

It was kinda cute, I may work on it again this year I sorta gave it over to the birds*lol

Tiny Bonsai, good to look at at the mall.Way too costly for my budget...
Now get a little bigger say a 15-20 footer that is just 5ft in a cool design ..that would be fun to grow.
*lol I am trying that with Privet,making mini trees, they are a few years old now.And doing really well. Not sure of what to do for next year if anything, can't find info on it.

Well this is an interesting thread...
Now for the theme Wild and Crazy, yet organized and pleasing to the eye and soul*lol I have dropped plants of all kinds everywhere for butterflies of all kinds that would like to visit,also plants for Hummers and beneficial and some for a pest or two to keep the beneficial. A pond area for the frogs,a toad or 2 may come to the mini water features,a swing for fun relaxing chat, in the back, veggies (mostly contained in raised beds) but are planted everywhere, berry bushes and all color roses neatly planted in there own little spots with various kinds of paths and containers all about.

I keep busy..*lol

my favorite mini plant book is Little Plants for small spaces by Elvin McDonald. It made me want to start a thimble collection. any of the books or sites on alpine plants and rock gardening would be good.
Wild and crazy could be a good theme I used to have a moonlight garden. I like container gardens. I have some good recipes if anyone needs some
I have a throat garden..... I stand in one place and throat and where it lands is a garden
He He He!!!
Just Joking Mostly I do country gardens.
A couple of years ago my neighbors grandson was killed in Iraq---so out front I planted a "memorial garden for" him with all red, white and blue flowers and patriotic garden "decorations". It didn't turn out too bad.
But last year I couldn't afford all the flowers so just took mostly left over seeds and made a "salad" garden out of it. A few herbs, couple of tomatoes,lettuce, radish, etc.
sounds nice
a friends friend lost her daughter to suicide and the daughters friends planted a memorial garden at her moms house, it was nice of the kids to do it, she was 16
i bought some seeds at walmart for 10 cents a package a few yrs ago, you don't get many seeds but they did grow, i saw yesterday when i was in walmart in nh and they are 20 cents now. there was enough seeds for me. i did pick up a couple of packages, got some sweet peas, watermelon, cantaloupe, going to start the melons inside and put black plastic down on the ground and see if i can get some to grow this yr, only got a couple of babies last yr, watermelon says 60-65 days, melon is 90-100 days. i wonder if i planted them in a tire if that would work better as it would keep the soil warmer. will post this question in the veggie section and see
In part of my garden I have a giant bonsai, miniature sub-alpine, old growth forest, on a windy rocky ridge. The trees are pruned to show a prevailing wind. Now I know you would like to see a picture of it but, it needs of some pruning. I've had other priorities for awhile.
Here's part of it. These trees are a variety of Cryptomeria called 'Jindai'. These are between 6 and 8 ft. tall, pruned to look like old growth Doug Firs.
I will look around for a better picture. Also need to do some much needed pruning and replanting.
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Here's that picture I was looking for. I need to be more organized!
When I prune again I'm going to make it look like the wind is blowing stronger. Also prune to make it look more high altitude, up near the sub-alpine level.
Great pruning job! Those look really good. I like the wind blown effect. Reminds me of the scrub oaks at the beach
That is so cool Mike!
You have a good eye on how to prune without it looking like you pruned!
That is a rare art!
my garden theme is kinda "Crazy Plant Lady"

if I find a spot that something will fit in I plant it there!

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