What kinds of herbs will you grow this year?

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I have oregano, marjoram, both garlic and common chives, rosemary, parsley, thyme, sage, tarragon,spearmint, lemon mint, garlic. I'll put in some basil, some more parsley, and look for anything I find that is different. There is a herb shop in south Austin that I will shop at in the spring.
So what are you planting? I like to try many herbs in my garden. I'm always open to new suggestions. I will also look in one of my herb books for ideas.
I have garlic, garlic chives, chives, sage, st johns wort, elephant garlic, oregano, parsley,
thyme, basil, feverfew, chamomile, several mints etc.
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I've got some lavender I just started from seed. If I could do it, I'd love to have some shallots, and nothing compares to French tarragon....Genovese Basil is great, too....I'll have to find some seeds for that. I like all sorts of mixed basil varieties. As for mint and chives, I wouldn't grow them in the ground to save my life....Cilantro...I need some of that, too!
Lynn, make sure that if you're going to grow tarragon, you only grow the French variety. French tarragon has an anise like flavor, but anything else is bitter.
yes Sue that is the kind I have. I just went out and cut it and the fennel back I need to cut the oregano back because it takes over the corner of the garden I have some chives and thyme it is trying to cover up again. I have tons of work to do but I'm in here playing when I should be doing some homework. Oh well I didn't want to watch the super bowl anyway.
you know while I was working I thought I bet I didn't mention the lavendar, I just bought one little plant last summer and it is doing well. I also have some feverfew. I had forgotten it until I cut the tarragon back and there it was. Did I mention my garden gets a little neglected and overgrown now? Well it does.
my favorites are rosemary, thyme, chives, parsley and forget to plant it last year, but will this year...dill.
I think I've got some fennel plants coming up from seed. that is so cool. I've found that I like it grilled. I was going to harvest the seeds last fall but by the time I got out there they were gone. they must have fallen in the garden.
Lyn, I'm thinking that I might buy another one of those half-barrels that were used at the wineries. I would like to have a nice rosemary plant on the back porch. I already have three other half-barrels there.
that sound like a winner I have my herb garden just off the deck and it smells so good if you walk in it. my hubby used to say he couldn't get through it. I told him to just walk on it won't hurt them.
I always must have Dill. I like the seed heads because they attract butterflies and I do can a lot of pickles!
I still have Cilantro and parsley from 2 years ago. I keep them going as I use them alot. Grapefruit Sage just for the hummers and butterflies.
Basil all types that are available here.
Orageno , Thyme, Rosemary , which I killed my large (2ft) tree somehow.
Garlic!! And more Garlic!!
I forget what is in the first half-barrel out there, but I know there is chives and a couple of other things. One is my "Sungold" cherry tomato container for grazing. and the third one has mint in it.
I forgot to plant the garlic last fall. I'll still stick some in when I do the onions. I have some basil and dill to plant this spring. I think the fennel self seeded last fall. I've been doing homework last night so maybe I can get caught up and be ahead so I can play in the garden this weekend.
I have an A in Biology and a B in US Govt. so far so good, I should get the test scores for the other two classes tomorrow. Hope I did as good,
Lyn, that is so neat. I envy you though. I never took a life science course, yet I did a lot of study on my own. But I would love a biology class. I took lots of chemistry and physics though.
Dor I had some lemon mint last year. I have no idea if it will self seed but I expect it to since I put it in the ground, silly me. I loved it. It smelled so good and the flowers were so pretty. It got huge and tried to take over that corner of my garden though. Need to pay attention to how big things get.lol
Thanks for letting me know Lyn. This is my first year growing herbs and I have limited space. I intended to grow it in my riased bed but I may have to put it in a container. I love the smell of lemon and any citrus for that matter.
I have rosemary, dill, and thyme planted in an old #3 washtub and they seem very happy there, especially the rosemary. I planted lavender and feverfew in parts of the vegetable garden to attract bees last year. I read somewhere that basil helps deter tomato hornworm so might try that in the garden this year.

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