What kinds of trees do I have

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We moved into this house in the fall and most of the trees had berries on them. Now they are flowering so I thought I should find out what kinds they are.
The first 3 are 3 of the same tree. It looks like the one is going to have white flowers. Maybe not, but looks like it.
#4 and 5 we had to cut back alot in the fall because it was totally blocking the bathroom and porch windows. This is the one the daylilies were hiding under.


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1,2,3 look like a honeysuckle<---large shrub (red berries)
2,5 is in the hydranga family possibly Snowball tree <--large shrub
6 looks familiar, but can't think of the name
7 Ribes ~some species of current
Thanks Ron. For telling me how to prune the lilacs too. We cut a bunch of little ones down in the fall. We couldn't even get that gate open when we moved in.
The #6 is a chokecherry bush.
Ron got the rest of em right. I have a snowball bush, Currents (both black and gold)
I also have chokecherries the blossoms should smell kinda bitter sweet. I love jelly made out of them

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