What will go first game :)

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So no germination what do you think will pop out first. Apple tree watermelon tomatoes sweet corn carrots cucumbers green beans squash or sweet banana peppers


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winner is cucumber the sunflowers showed up first but cucumbers came up last night :) check my other post to follow it im posting yesterdays grow pictures up there and ill post todays growth picture tonight. ill post pictures till sunday then do one a week later then dothem once a month :)


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I read that you are in Orlando. I am only about 70 miles from you. I hope we will have a mild winter this year , not like the frigid winter last year. You should be able to get melons, and cukes before it gets too cold. Once our daytime highs drop below 70, tomato production almost stops unless you are lucky enough to have a green house with controled temp and humidity. I have a few toms on the vine now. But then I didn't have a lot of luck planting the fall crops. Dang armadillos took out 75% of my seedlings. :mad: You might want to plant cole crops such as broccoli, cabbage, kale, collards and such. They will do really well for you during the winter. They are crops you can let freeze and they will be fine. Also plant onions and garlic now for a wonderful crop. ;)

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