White Texas Star Hibiscus

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Anyone that's interested in the White Texas Star Hibiscus seeds, I have about 6 trades I'll send out for postage. Send me a stamped, self addressed envie and I'll get them right out to you. PM me for my addy if interested.


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Thanks Kya, I have enjoyed these flowers, they're so big and still blooming. Becki, I sent you a pm too, seeds will be mailed out soon.
Sent out to Maggie, Becki and Dor today. Anyone else? I have plenty left.
I got mine too Gloria. I am starting mine soon as I am altering a wedding gown for a church member and I am so stressed getting this done. I am just about finishing with it.
Glad they made it to you Dor and Becki. Hope they do well for you. I feel bad that I overlooked Maggie's envelope and didn't get it out till yesterday..sorry about that Maggie, it's on it's way!
My T-Stars are still blooming..they've done so good. I planted them from seeds in the Spring of 2009. They grew but had no blooms till this year. I guess they're making up for last year with so many blooms.

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