Will my daffodils recover?

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My daffodils finished blooming a few weeks ago, and I had planned on replacing them this fall (I thought they needed to be replaced every few years but have since read otherwise). I cut the leaves off, since I wasn't worried about nourishing the bulbs, and planted some annuals and perennials in the bed. I left a few inches sticking out of the ground so they'd be easier to find & remove later.

I noticed that the exposed stalks are growing. I assume that since they're growing they are still adding some nourishment to the bulb? I'm wondering if they will recover, and not need to be replaced. I plan to leave them and see what happens next year.

Any thoughts? :confused:
What zone are you? That might make a diff in how you keep your bulbs when they are not producing. In Florida we dig ours, and freeze them so they will bloom. You can keep daffs for ever as long as you tend them. They will even reproduce when they are happy;)
If you can you should leave the leafs and on the plant until they turn yellow and then cut them back. The bulbs are fed through the leafs for next years flower production. You might not have as much flowering next year but the bulbs should be fine.
Thanks for the replies, I'm in Zone 3 (trying to add it to my signature). I usually do wait til the leaves are dead, but since I was planning on adding new ones this fall I didn't wait this year. Now I've changed my mind....:(
I think they'll be fine, too. Even if you want to add additional bulbs you still can. They'll probably last a century or two if they're in the right spot. lol If their feet are too soggy or they don't get quite enough sunlight I think those are the only hindrances I've ever had with mine.

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