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Kya D

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No hummers yet but look whose back
There are 3 of em 2 are males
I really love the bright colors.


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Ooops I forgot to say they are Bullock's Oriole
Sorry the pics aren't better but at least you can get the idea
Nice birds!! Always nice to have something to watch while sitting in the yard. We did feed some squirrels for awhile, then they started to tear into my screened back porch :mad: So we stopped feeding them and they have all moved on.

I have seen 2 Woodpeckers so far this year. One is a big one that I did manage to get a shot of in the top of a pine, the other is smaller and more blue and grey....He has managed to avoid getting his picture taken, but I will get a shot before long since he comes around often.
WOW - they are gorgeous. The one thing we so enjoyed in SC this winter were the many varities and the songs in the air were so calming.
My Baltimore Orioles are back too, love seeing them
Got grape jelly and oranges out as they love them
My Baltimore Orioles are back too, love seeing them
Got grape jelly and oranges out as they love them
I will have to put some out for them.I saw two sunday afternoon scratching in the leave's.I took all the hummingbird feeder's down and cleaned them again.Have'nt seen but two so far.Only put two back with fresh feed until I see more fedding.:) is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to