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  1. Annette99

    Great Seed Starting Idea

    Most people in the northeast that bought tomatoe seedlings last year ended up with tomatoe blight. it was something that came from the growers.
  2. Annette99

    Do you have a story to share?

    Had a cicada fall into my hair standing under a tree. shortly after moving to NY, had never seen them before. Thought it was a mutant fly. Scared the wits out of me.
  3. Annette99

    That Good Navy Chow

    Oh my gosh your feeding the Navy. I also add celery. That's a whole lot of pot roast. Also have to have garlic bread with this. Use real butter and fresh minced garlic with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese..
  4. Annette99

    Building a Framework for 4ft Growlights!

    Nice job. I want one too!!!!!
  5. Annette99

    Hi from SC!

    A big warm welcome from the Hudson Valley of New York!!!!!!
  6. Annette99

    "Free Flower Shears. (US)

    I ordered them too. Will be a bonus if we get them.
  7. Annette99

    sad to see it go

    Wow, Blueaussie and Kya, great sites and very reasonable, thanks for sharing.
  8. Annette99

    sad to see it go

    There is a rumor that value seeds sold unsold seeds from Thomson and Morgan leftover stock from the year before. If you buy T&M seeds the pack in the envelope is exactly the same as your pack of value seeds. I have always ordered from Value seed and could only say the germination rate is not...
  9. Annette99

    Hello Y'all

    A big welcome from the HUDSON valley of New York. You have found a great place with wonderful people.
  10. Annette99

    New trade list

    Karen, I got the seeds today, thank you so much. You are very generous.
  11. Annette99

    Sad Sad Day

    I am so sorry for your loss,I know they are a huge part of the family, big, big, hugs.
  12. Annette99

    Robins are here

    Oh to see a robin, we had them last year at this time, has been an unusually cold winter and they are hiding somewhere. I too am ready for spring. Let's hope it comes soon.
  13. Annette99

    New trade list

    Afew more seeds that I have to trade or for postage. purple coneflower echinacea sweet annie artemesia white balloon flower platycodon blue balloon flower platycodon columbine aquilegia songbird mix perennial hibiscus pink eastern redbud GF Tall marigold 3-4" orange/yellow GF...
  14. Annette99

    New trade list

    All of the seeds are from my 2009 gardens, the ones marked DG/GF are trades I got from Daves Garden or Gf members. The prarie moon and gardens north seeds are new seeds I ordered for this year that have more seeds than I can use. I will trade pack for pack or for postage. Prefer bubble wrapped...
  15. Annette99

    Any one ever tried GA3 for seed germination

    I haven't had much luck through the years with seeds that need to be warmed for 4 weeks, then chilled for 12 weeks and then warmed again, hope this will help. Thanks for the inquiries. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to