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    Tree loosing bark and rotting?

    I have read about pests in above posts and feel good because people have information about how to remove pests. If some one have more info about it please share it with us.
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    Whitefly dilemma

    I am totally agree with your thinking.!
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    Interesting Ant Killer

    i am also interested to know how can i kill ants completely because i am in a big trouble due to these ants and looking for better solution of these.
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    Bugs eating Idaho Locust leaves

    i have also faced this problem two months ago then i have knowledge about it how to treat these but after joining this discussion board i have some information and knowledge how to treat these bug and how can i remove these from my house and garden .We just need to carry one.
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    Pest question

    well this information is good for me about pests. I want to know how can i remove these pests from my house permanently. Can any one advised me about it.
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    Rain barrels

    good info here. I have no idea about these things before but after reading the discussion i feel very knowledgeable about this topic.
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    Advice on planting Mint

    I am totally agree with Spearmintman about this topic.
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    Experienced gardeners

    Well good information here about gardening and i am interested in it. I am always interested to take part in those discussions which help me to save my garden from different things.
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    What bugs are eating my Sweet Potato Vine?

    I have no idea about the topic before but after reading the posts on this page i feel good and know had good knowledge about these thing and wanted to know how can we save out sweet potatoes from these bugs.Can any one tell me some tips for this purpose.
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    brown leaf tips and brown new growth

    I think you need to find out the solution of these pests as soon as possible other wise it may cause of other serious problems.Some kinds of pests are very dangerous for plants and put many negative effects on plants.
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    Peach Spots

    I am agree with the members these black spots may be due to bacteria.I think you need not to much worried about it and get advice from an expert of this field which is better for you.
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    Office Plants have Developed a Strange Fungus

    Agree with seancorr.
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    Name this Bug

    I think this is a white bee but not sure about it.These bees are very dangerous for plants and damage the whole crop in quick time.These bees attack in the form of groups and put many negative effects on the cultivated area.You can use spray of fertilizer to remove these bees.
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    Can you help me identify this pest/disease?

    I think you need to concern with the expert of this field who will guide you better for this matter . How ever you can use pest removal sprays and pills also which is very effective to remove these in quick time.I think you need to take quick steps other wise you will be in a big trouble.
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    Identify this pest please

    I am also much worried due to little pests and termites in my garden. These pests effects my garden badly and harmful for plants. can some one tell me how can i remove these pests form my garden permanently. I want to remove these pests as soon as possible. I am much worried due to pests. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to