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  1. Gloria

    When fruits and veggies go rogue

    It will be white on the inside when ready. I'm still up in the air on this as all citrons I have ever seen had a smooth outside like a watermelon. Not my pic but this is what we had.
  2. Gloria

    When fruits and veggies go rogue

    I should have known that! It has been many years since I'd seen a citron! My Dad planted huge vegetable gardens and here and there a citron would grow. We didn't know where they came from! My mom said you could make preserves with them but she never bothered. They have no taste, at least not a...
  3. Gloria

    What's the weather in your area? 2020 Edition

    It has been hot in South Carolina so far this week. Temps in the 90's yesterday and today but a nice breeze is going on.
  4. Gloria

    What is your favorite flower, plant or tree?

    I love gardenias. They're so pretty and smell sooo good.
  5. Gloria

    You gonna start something?

    I did start something early and I'm going to spill the beans on him. I planted tomato seeds inside the first week of February. It was an experiment for me, just a box with soil, set up with good drainage under a light. Anyway, the middle of March the plants were beautiful and about 5 inches...
  6. Gloria

    What are you spring plans?

    Wow! You guys are all busy already! We have planted some tomatoes and corn. Every time we decide to plant more, a cold front moves through. This has really been an unusual Spring here in South Carolina. Normally the vegetables would be planted and half way to maturity. Hubby and I hope to be...
  7. Gloria

    Return of the word games - ABC Plant Game

    P- petunia
  8. Gloria

    What are you spring plans?

    A couple years ago I had sciatica and back problems so bad I was in a wheel chair for most of that Spring and Summer. I'm just getting to the point I can get down and dig in the dirt again and looking forward to it. I've just started cleaning up the past years of mess from weather and neglect. I...
  9. Gloria

    Hello to old members

    I contacted a few members from the past, I hope to see them all here again soon. I got so involved I contacted some that I thought were old members but seems they were from my sewing contacts..LOL. Maybe they also garden and will find the site useful and fun. :)
  10. Gloria

    What's the weather in your area? 2018 Edition

    70 degrees at 9:20 am. High for today is 76 with a chance of thunderstorms later today. Slight chance of severe storms. I hate these Spring storms, they can get pretty wild these days.
  11. Gloria

    Shiitake mushrooms

    It would be my luck that a bad stray mushroom would grow in there. There was a news article a week ago about dogs eating mushrooms that was growing in the yard and got sick. As much as I love mushrooms, I think I need to leave the growing to people like you that know which is what with them. :)
  12. Gloria

    Hello to old members

    I know, missing a few and it's bittersweet. Good to be back but missing those like Curbie, Mariposa, and Rosie. Not sure if the last 2 came here with us but they were the first I met in gardening forums and became close with. They will never be forgotten.
  13. Gloria

    Happy Happy Birthday, to Randy and his Lady Marcia Fay

    Happy happy happy birthday Mr. Randy and Mrs Marcia. Hope you both had a blessed day.
  14. Gloria

    Greens and Brassicas

    Good information! I didn't know the "tops" of radishes and beets were eaten! I'll have to try those.
  15. Gloria

    knockout roses

    I've moved and planted roses all during the summer and as long as I kept them watered well, had no problems. Good luck with yours. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to