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I went out looking at my flower's this morning.And found this little fellow.


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I had one of those as a pet when I was a kid, how great to have a wild one wandering around your garden.....
Cute, thanks for sharing. We used to pick them up when we were kids if we saw them on the side of the road and put them in our pond.
Wish I hads turtles in my garden, I have darn deer. They have mulched on some hostas, a rose, tall phlox.
OMG I would be thrilled beyond words if I found him in my garden. He really Is a special visitor. Lucky you. TFS
I had one in my back yard for a while last year then he moved down to the wet lands :( I hope he's happy and has a family, but I did find him to be friendly and fun to watch
You mean you don't make soup? LOL Just joking. Don't hit me with that frying pan.
I had a gopher for a couple years in my yard, but I am sure someone caught her crossing the road as she just disappeared one day:(

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