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Our buddy John from CA finally is selling some of his birdhouses! WOW! He is SO talented! I can't afford to buy one of these mansions, but I sure enjoy looking at them! The detail he puts into them is amazing!

Check out his site Extreme Birdhouses

Looks like somebody didn't get over their Lincoln Log fun! I love 'em! I'd hate to have that many birds around this little yard though. I can barely keep the car "bird poo" free as it is, but they sure are gorgeous!
John does amazing work. I knew him on GG. For all the work and beauty he puts into the Bird houses his prices are not bad at all. I have seen dog houses and doll houses that did not have the craftmenship in them that his does, selling for alot more then his birdhouses. Thanks for the link Dizzy.
So true

I used to own a Dollhouse shop for over a decade and people wouldn't think twice about spending that much or more on one of them. And with them, ya have to fill 'em with furniture and such. Much more expensive! Of course the average dollhouse isn't exposed to the elements on a daily basis though. Still, I know how much work he has to be putting in on them. If he's lucky he's making $2 or $3 an hour - LOL
I knew John from garden guides to and he does beautiful work. He and his birdhouses were featured in Birds and Blooms Extra magazine last month.
So this is where everyone is hiding :D
I recognize a few names here .
Thank you everyone for the very nice comments and thank you DizzyDaff for posting this .
I did a show for Animal Planet back in January and it has been airing all month on discovery channel .The show will be airing one more time this month on the 30Th , 5 pm . It is called ( Pet Digs ) We don,t get the same show here in Canada . :rolleyes:
I am starting a new birdhouse in a few days for actress Candy Clark of American Graffiti .


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Hey Cranbrook Welcome. Nice to see you made it over to GF. It's a lovely forum with some really great people. Some you already know some soon to become friends.
I always love seening you Extraordinary pieces so I am looking forward to seeing the program Pet Digs.
Hi John!! Everyone is fascinated by your lovely designs! Just had to share when I came across that link! LOL!

I'll have to see if I get that program - would love to see it! Congrats on the recognition of your talented work! :D is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to