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My front yard has been sadly neglected this year, so I was pleased and surprised to see a Brown-eyed Susan had sprouted out of a crack in the sidewalk right next to the front flower bed. I don't have any Brown-eyed Susans in that bed, but lots of Black-eyed Susans. I tried to take a picture to share, but the Black-eyed Susans are so abundant right now, they drowned out the Brown-eyed Susans!

I finally cropped around the pictures and zoomed in on the Brown-eyed Susans, and you still can't really tell they're not Black-eyed Susans. In the second picture, the tall plant to the right is the Brown-eyed Susan.


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Hmm I didn't know that there was brown eyed susans. I might have some and calling them black eyed susans.
I'm sorry my pictures don't show the contrast. They're taller than Black-eyed Susans, and the flowers look like miniature Black-eyed Susans. I love them, and I was pleased to find this one, even if the dang thing did grow in a crack in the sidewalk. I'll hand scatter of its seeds in the flower bed this fall.
Well if that is the case my mother just gave me some a couple of weeks ago. She was calling them mini black eyed susans.
Brown-eyed Susans are Rudbeckia triloba, not Rudbeckia hirta like Black-eyed Susans, if you want to look up more inforamtion on them.
Brown-Eye Susan..
Not the best shot one can take but I have an iso (camera setting) infatuation and keep forgetting to lower it*LOL

Sadly, I do not find mine multiplying like Black Eye Susans. (nuts but a keeper*lol) Also there is a new variety that get a really ugly virus on the foliage (which has rather large leaves.) Not sure what the cause or repair.I met several people, I went to go see, sure enough the same issues,completely different environment. So I am guess they either bought them from the same place or just the same string.



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