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Hi everyone:)

My Siberian weeping pea shrub is finally starting to get the leaf buds going now so I will be able to take cutting off of it in a couple weeks if anyone would like some let me know. It is a very pretty yellow bloom.

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I looked this plant up...pretty cool!
But it says its for zone I guess that counts me out:(
Sure thing..just send me a PM so I dont forget and in a couple weeks when it is a little more awake I will take cutting for both of you. I will root them if you want also but that is up to you. :)

Sure I will be taing the cuttings in another week or 2 when my tree is more awake, it is just now starting to wake up. So will check it in a week and see how it is then.

I just looked it up that,s one cool plant would love one but just don't have the room any more :( but its still cool looking
Thank you!:D I cant wait to see it bloom this year. I just planted it last summer, its a 2-3 year old tree now. So it should bloom nice this year.
I took several cutting of it today so we will see how they root:)

RR, aren't they grafted onto some type of upright rootstock so that you get a small tree effect? I am not sure how they grow, probably like a groundcover if you just plant cuttings from the top.
Just a thought.
It grows more like a shrub with multiple branches, but can be pruned into a small tree.
The weeping type are grafted onto a stalk plant, so the cuttings will not come true and will revert back into its natural shape.
They do make a wonderful natural hedge if left unpruned!
well that will be ok the natural shape is nice also its just upright instead of weeping. Its still a very nice shrub. Thank you though I didnt know that they were grafted.

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