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Well, I have put my carnivorous container garden together. It's not much to look at yet, I still need to get some live sphagnum moss, and I'm thinking about adding a green Venus Flytrap since the red doesn't show up as well. I'm really excited about this though, the man who had the carnivorous plant booth at the festival said by next spring these should grow enough to give a good start on an in-ground bog garden. I have to fight the urge to catch bugs and feed it up so it will grow faster.

Here's a close up on the red Venus Flytrap. It's really beautiful.

I love your carnivorous plants they will even be better when they get bigger, at least they don,t take up lots of room
The plants like wet feet, so , yes, it needs to be moist but still needs to drain. There's a plug in the bottom of those big, round pots that sticks up into the pot, and instead of pulling it out, I punched a hole in the top. That way it will still drain, but there will be a shallow reservoir of water in the bottom.

As to how big; really big, I hope. The man who sold me the plants said they should all be big enough to divide next spring.
I have had carnivorous plants off an on since childhood. I nevber can seem to find the right spot for them. Please keep us posted on how you do and what you learn. I would love to try again but think it is just too cruel to keep killing them.

I took some pictures of the progress of the carnivorous garden this morning.

Everything is thriving except for the Venus Flytraps, and that may be just that they grow slower than the other plants. They don't look unhealthy, they aren't growing as fast is all. They're hard to see in these pictures, I'll try and get a closeup later.


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I also like carnivorous plants because looks very lovely when it's become bigger, I have a garden in my house and I grow many types of carnivorous plants as I like it.I visit my garden tow times a day and get fresh air and oxygen which is healthier for me and for everyone.
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