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I have one that's about 5 years old and been growing indoors for the past 3 years using a 3 gallon container. They make a very pretty house plant, having deep green leaves. Anyone growing coffee? I found them very easy to grow.
Always wanted to try,but never have for some reason. ( Yes,they are pretty attractive ) :p
Plant 54 where did you get your beans for planting? I would love to give it a go. Have never researched the plants or their tolerance. Can you post a picture for us.
Oh by the way WELCOME to
I ordered the tree a few years ago, It was 2 years old when I ordered it. I figure it's 4-5 years old now. The white flowers don't last long 4-5 days.
I also have a Theobroma cacao (chocolate tree) about 3 feet tall, this was started from seed. I found this tree pretty easy to grow, but not as pretty as the Coffea Arabica. Probably never get a pod from it, but's it interesting and fun.
Almost everything. We have a very odd weather pattern. Some years we are zone 10 and some years like this year a zone 8. I have most likely lost all my tropicals this year, bananas, coconuts,gingers, yuccas and such that are out doors. I had a 50 long by 4 foot wide by 8 foot tall stand of ginger that is reduced to mush :( I was wondering if the Coffee would be ok in a huge pot outside most of the year. I would love to grow some as well as the cacao you talked about.
I concentrate on veggies and a little landscaping.

Ok.. You have sold me.. I want a Coffea Arabica... Look at this picture..



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