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My neighbor is having ALL the tree's cut.Across the road in front of my house is 20 acres of pine tree's and assorted hardwoods.They are cutting everything.:eek:I hate this so bad.This lady's husband passed away last Summer.They are not from here I think they live in Kentucky.The land was her father-in-law's.Now that her husband has passed away to she is cutting everything in site.Going to try to sell the land.It already look's bad it's a sad site.I was alway's told by the father-in-law that this land would never be sold had it fixed in court.I guess she figured a way around the law.I just hope she does'nt sell it to trashy folk's who don't care.I told my hubby we may have to sell and move.
I do love the tree's and the wildlife all the turkey's ,deer ,owl,s ,and other critter's:)She may need to sale she may need the money.I just hate to see what's coming next.Maybe I'm worrying for nothing.
Probably selling the timber in advance of selling the land. Looking back I should have scored me several hundred acres when I was young so that I could at least ensure my privacy late in life. As it is, we just had a motor-sports complex go up practically in our back yard. Now it stadium lighting we see at night, not lightening bugs...loudspeakers drown out the sounds of nature, and our little part of "country" just isn't cool anymore. Arg!! I hope your worries are for naught and that good comes of the changes that are obviously headed your way. For us, it 'tis what it 'tis because we're not where we could pull up stakes and start over again. I've pretty much gotten used to it now. Don't like it. Hate it. Hope the business goes bust and all of that. But getting used to it none-the-less.

As the song says, "they paved paradise to put up a parking lot"
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I think they call that 'progress', P-gal. But I don't like it either. Our place here is quite peaceful most the time and it's a great place to take a book and go out and sit under a tree or in the gazebo.
They have been there since 11.30 am .They have ripped down almost half the tree's.I know thing have to change.But I sure hate to see it.This time of year with all the babies out there.Should have done it in the winter months.
They are close to our powerline now.I hope they don't let one fall on it.:mad:
Sorry to hear about the trees, I've got alot of trees on my property, and around me, sure would hate to see them all taken down. I do want to have some pines taken down.
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Aha Spider I am so sorry to hear that your neighbor is clearing the land. It is so hard to give up a little piece of nature even if you don't own it. While I lived in Staten Island I had 10 wooded acres next to me and then the owner came in and cleared it all. He wanted to put up wear houses on the property. What a mess he made of the property. I went back there when Mainegal was was down here visiting me and the place was a horror. I hope your neighbor sells to a nice person who puts up a nice home on the property and plants some trees.
It is so diheartening tohear about this. People don't realize , even with timber sales that selective clearing is the best way to go. The value of that land has just been cut with the removal of the trees. They could have at least waited untill after nesting season!
It is so diheartening tohear about this. People don't realize , even with timber sales that selective clearing is the best way to go. The value of that land has just been cut with the removal of the trees. They could have at least waited untill after nesting season!

I know this is what I told my hubby yesterday afternoon.Sitting in my swing looking across at the mess.I told him they should have done this in the fall.When their were no babies.I know their were several tree's with squirrel bed's in them.I know they had babies.And a owl had babies in a huge oak tree it's gone now too.And all the bird's.Just make's me sick.Can't help it just the way I am.
I had to have a couple 100 year old trees taken down and I just can't imagine having such a devasting thing as what's happening to you. When my neighbors do things to their yards that I don't like I just try to block it out and tell myself it's none of my business, but sometimes it's real hard to do.
(Just saw this) So sad.

Spider_Lily, how is it working out?...

Are you O.K.?

Well I'm ok but the tree's:eek:They came they ripped through.It has rained most everyday their not finished yet.It's just a mess ruining my road with the heavy log truck's.So everything is just peachy.LOL:rolleyes:
Just saw this too. I’m so sorry. My sister lives on forested land as did her neighbor. She told me the neighbor had cut down all his trees but I couldn't imagine the devastation until I went to visit her last summer. It’s like a giant ugly sore on the land. Sis and BIL have planted some trees to try and block the view but it’ll be a long time before those trees will get big enough to do that. I am proud of my sister and her husband. They are hurting for cash but they refuse to harvest the trees on their land. They have only harvested some dead and sick trees and two that would have fallen on their home in a storm. Everything else is being left as God intended. I hope what ever happens with that land it will be something you can live with comfortable. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to