Elephant ears for postage.

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I have some elephant ears I would like to give away. They are just the plain large green ones.
Lyn even though I would have to bring them in for the winter I would love to try one:) but I am so afraid they would freeze in shipment:(
I can hold them over till spring if you want. I just will pack them in sawdust and stick it in the garage here. It rarely freezes here and I forget about cold climates.
Ooooh!! What do you think they'd cost to send to Oregon??
Well, you know, if you have any left, I'd sure love one, or twelve....
kidding, just kidding, on the 12 part... kinda :D
scarze if it cost to much for lyn to send ...I have some that Barb sent me last year...they didi Ok but I can dig you some up come spring or...what the pumpkins make it your way...LOL
If you still have some I'd love to have some for postage!!! Just Plmk please how much to send and where. Thank-you!!!
Always a friend,
nancy aka fantasygal1

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