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I am thinking about how to create some more shade in my Hosta bed without putting something in that is permanent. I haven't given this enough hours of thought to come up with something on my own. I know that there are some fast growing vines that would do, please recommend some. I need to post a picture, hmm, let me see if I can.
Can anyone tell me about the bean, is it scarlet bean, or something like that? I am going to have to think about this one for a bit, I can tell.
I love morning glories! If I were voting, that would be my pick. They add great color, the leaves are a great shade of green, they grow quick, and I think that would be a great contrast with hosta. But that's just my opinion.
I started some morning glories and moonflowers. I love them both but just my opinion.
I really like the moonflower vine. The flowers have a wonderful fragance and big bold blooms. The cardinal vine is pretty to.
I started out loving vines until moonflower and morning glory took several beds over.I volunteer for a friend to help her, it goes nuts there about 55 feet along her fence chokes every plant including her roses. So I help her, she often looses track.She tried preen...nothing stops those vines. At my house I just pull although they have very photogenic blooms, I love shooting them :)
Then after I rid them (controlled sorta) I received a never ending gift of
Wild buckwheat vine that is faithful every year had found residency in a rock garden and now a few others....:( Will grow and set seed for yearssssss.I just used my compost that was near where it grew after 3 years well I have them in pots:(
Easy enough to pull but that is one determined seed...years... 31/2 feet!*LOL more like 30 1/2 feet!
here is what the booger looks like..

I tried climbed all the way up to my neighbors gutter*LOL
I pulled and moved elsewhere.It was beautiful and hummers love it. I also tried a fast grower Sweet Autumn Clematis..Finally moved her she is gorgeous but too wild for the center of a garden.Hopefully she will be happy in her new home.I also tried a purple clematis which may have not done well because it was close to the nutty honeysuckle.
Moved all vines to different location gave nice trellis and they better use them*LOL
As far as annuls I simply far... only grew one last year.Not much in performance, it was wintersowed (07-08season) I discarded the others because was advised not to grow it but I didn't have the heart to discard the last one.
I love it, have 5 so far this year that germinated!
packs says Cardinal Vine, Cardinal Climber, Cypress Vine

Many squash vines are nice.I am not sure if it is crook neck or straight neck that vines.and has white flowers.A neighbor on the next street grew them. It sure took off up their awning! I have both germinated.

If anyone knows, can you please tell.
Also,I checked and can't find Scarlet Runner beans locally, although it sounds very familiar.I know I didn't grow it, I may have sowed it years ago.

Jade what will you grow?
How much sun and what times does it hit your Hostas?

Ron, are you the one that told me about the wild buckwheat years ago '05 maybe?

Kale, the moonflower vine is an annual here. I only had it the one year and unfortunally I didn't save any seed so I haven't had any since. I would love to have anther one tho'. I can't remember to look for the seed when I go to the store.
Ron, are you the one that told me about the wild buckwheat years ago '05 maybe?
I may have!
It is not something I would plant since it can be rather invasive!

I like duel purpose vines such as Scarlet Runner Bean (the young beans can be steamed, sauted; they have a nutty flavour)
Gourds are wonderful, as are small fruiting squash! If you have the space Luffa are great as are Bird House gourds!
Snapdragon Vine (Maurandya antirrhiniflora)
I have just found out about this plant.I loved the look of it at a party recently and being the gardener i am whipped out the zip lock bag and scissors for a clipping and seed pods.It looks delicate and the owners say it sometimes self seeds so if the heat kills it off it does come back, fast growing too.
I like Asiatic Jasmine and variegated Vinca Vine as well as several types of potato vines.
I've grown the Hycinth Bean vine. It's an annual that produces beautiful purple flowers, purple hull beans and has good size leaf coverage. It will grow runners over 15 foot long and works well to cover a trellis or arbor. I think I have a few seeds saved if you're interested. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to