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I believe this is the prettiest flutterby I have ever seen!! At least in my yard.



I just love them. I always plant untreated ( even though I only use organic) plants just for them.
It's beautiful I can't never catch them still enough to get a picture.I have to run them around the yard and then they never sit still.LOL:)
I would love to see that, Kay!! Anybody have a camcorder...I think America's Funniest Videos is calling you. I know I could win if any taped me trying to get pictures...lol!! :D
That is a gorgeous picture Melissa. I love butterflies and plant butterfly plants just for them.
I saw a butterfly chasing a hummer today...lol...they were way too fast to get a picture...wonder what was going on
Sounds like a rather lopsided encounter to me with the butterfly being on the short end of the stick.
Top photo is more then likely an Admiral. Been seing a lot of them this year.
The second one is a Black Swallowtail! They love laying eggs on dillweed, but will lay on parsley if dill is scarce.
Sharing a few flutterbys:)


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