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I stumbled across this forum through google and thought I'd drop and have a look see. Seems a friendly place, and I've already seen another South Carolinian.

So, me. I'm a fairly experienced gardener who enjoys growing both flowers and vegetables. I love butterfly gardening, pepper and tomato geeking, and gardening organically.

Nice to meet you all!
Always good to see new people. We are a very friendly group here. Some of us have known each other for years and then there are our new friends. Jump in and get to know us all.
Hey Blue!
Welcome aboard!
If you have any questions feel free to ask!
There is always someone around to answer!
Hi and welcome from Florence, SC. Hope you like what you see and stay around.
A big hello from the Hudson Valley in New York. This is a great place, lot's of wonderful and kind people here.
From the Willamette Valley of Oregon
I garden with 2 cocker spaniels for helpers..
aka oremudpie
Hello from Andrews SC. Glad to have you with us Blue. I grow flowers and have a huge veggie garden every year. SC is a nice place to be able to experiment with a little of everything. Welcome to GF and all it has to offer. Sit back, grab a refreshing glass of ice tea..and enjoy!
Thank you all for the welcome!

Melanie, I garden with an Australian Shepherd, and a lab mix, two cats, and the occasional neighbor child. Keeps things interesting!
Welcome Blue
So glad you found us.
Jump right in and make yourself at home
I have 2 cats that used to garden with me
1 has lyme disease so they don't go out anymore
Hi Blueaussie welcome to the GardenForums so glad you joined us. As everybody above said, we are a very friendly group and love meeting and getting to know new folks. Look around and jump right in. I see in your profile that you are a Lab tec for aminals. That must be very interresting. Most of our members have fur buddies, I have 1 cat and she is enough for me lol. See you around the threads.
Welcome to Garden Forums. Glad to have you. Organic gardening is a passion on mine both veggie, flower and landscape. Look forward to chating with you. Make your self at home this is a great place.
Hi Blueaussie glad to have a new gardening friend.Sound's like you have plenty of help with your gardening.Glad your here.:)
Woof, bow wow from my cockers to the ausies and border collies, do you have a ball stuck in your hand when your weeding or for that matter trying to get any serious work done in the garden..I sure do...they love it when the weather is good and we are outside a lot..
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