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I was looking at Bufords grape vines about 2 weeks ago and noticed all these seed. So I took a few and this past thursday I planted some in my peat pots and by monday they were up. I have never been so surprise. Today they are around 6" tall. Has anyone ever started grape vines from seed, if so how much luck did you have with them? I planted some lupine and coneflower seed to. I have 2 lupine that have sprouted but none of the coneflowers have.
I haven't Maggie, but that's obviously how the wild ones grow. If you can keep them long enough to supply grapes and you like them, you can then propagate by cuttings.
I love grapes and vines. I have one I need to get out of a bucket and in the ground. Imagine 2 carpenters and no arbor LOL!!!
MAggie, I have never grown from seeds either...please keep us posted as they too I love the pictures..
Here are the grape seed that I have started, 2 are white and 2 are purple. I hope they live.


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That is so cool I sure hope they "come true". I planted some peach pits one time and they were a really bad throw back no flavor at all.
Your seedlings are darling and really growing fast.
awesome maggie
i usually buy seedless grapes, i looked at some grape vines at bj's on tues, i think there was a green and a purple vine in each box for $12 but it's too early to plant them here, still have snow on the ground is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to