Hello everyone!

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Spider_Lily...thanks for the invitation! I see other familiar faces here as well. Hello to all of you I haven't met before from sunny and warm (at least all next week) South Carolina!
Welcome neighbor..glad to see another South Carolinian in our midst. Looking forward to getting to know you. Enjoy the forums
Hi Palmettogal welcome to GF. I don't hink I have met you before, but I am glad you have stopped in. Hope to see yu around the threads.
Hello and welcome from Florence, SC. Glad to have another sandlapper in the group.
hello and welcome from upstate NY.......I think I remember your name from another time and place......
Welcome Palmetto, nice to see friends of friends, as always...
Jump right in we are here to have FUN!

Welcome Palmettogal! Glad to have you join us. Hope to see more of you around the forums! This is a great site for both informationand friendly garden buddies. If you need help please ask someone will jump in and answer your questions.

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