Hello from Ma.

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Hi Everyone,
I have just spent the last 2 hours checking out your web site. As you see I have joined allready! Looks like a wonderful place to hang out in!
I have allways enjoyed gardening but, the last few years it has become almost an obsession. LOL. What a great hobby huh?

OMGosh Annette
I am really glad that you decided to join our bunch.
Any questions just ask and sit back and ENJOY!!!!!
Welcome welcome
Welcome from South Carolina. So glad you joined our small friendly group. Jump right in and join the fun. Let me know if I can help you.
Hello Annette and Welcome to the place....there are a bunch of us with the same obsession around here....so I am sure you will feel right at home...Jump on in!!!
Hi Annette! This is a great place! I love it here, great friends that love to do the same things. Everyone is very caring! Welcome!!! Kim
Welcome Annette
So glad you found us. Where in Mass do you live? I live outside of Portland, ME
I think most of us on here have the same obsession. It's my stress reliever.
Hope to see you around more. What kind of gardening do you do? veggies, flowers, herbs, etc I do a little of all, more flowers I guess I would have to say
Hello and welcome from the great state of Texas. I know you will love it here.
Welcome Annette, Glad you found us I know your going to enjoy your self. its all ways nice to see some one else from New England :)
Welcome to the group Annette. The more the merrier. I don't think we are obsessed............this is just a good way of life:eek:) What could be more beautiful than a blooming garden? Just make yourself comfortable,,,,,,you're in for a lovely bunch of friendships.
Annette always good to see a new face. We are all a little obsessed. but then once you have grown one pretty flower, veggie, or tree, or bush you want to do it all over again. I'm always looking for something new to grow. Jump in anywhere.
Welcome Annette being obsessed with gardening isn't a bad thing.I had rather be in my garden than most place's.It's my stress reliever.GF is addictive I could spend hour's here too.Glad you found us jump in and have fun.:)
Welcome hope to see more of you. You have landed in a great place;)
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Hi Annette! Welcome from the PNW. Yep you've come to the right place. If it wasn't raining and cold out I'd be in the garden but since it is here I am. I suppose I should do some housework but that's no fun. I'd rather be here with this nice people. :D LOL
Hi Annette welcome from NJ The Garden State. Gardening is a wonderful addiction and you will find this site filled with a bunch of very friendly enablers. I am glad you joined so now just kick back when you can pull yourself out of the garden and take a break with us. Hope to see you around the treads.

wow such a great welcome. thank you all!! I will be out in yard all weekend (hopefully) Happy Mothers Day to everyone

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