Hello from the Big Easy

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Thrilled to be here. Spidy Lilly whispered to me the news of this great site! Thanks SL!

I'm a New Orleans gal, born and raised here!

Gardening is my passion. Can't wait to wake up and see what nature has provided for my eyes each and every day. Love that. Love seeing the miracles in flowers/plants bestowed on us daily!

I also love that we all share a common interest in gardening.
Welcome from another new comer only in the Willamette valley of oregon..
they are a great bunch of people and from all over..
See you around the boards
oremudpie aka melanie
Greetings and Welcome...I think we have meet along the way...So glad you have joined in ...Jump in and have fun ...
It is great to have you here. Dive in and have fun making friends and talking plants.
A great big welcome flowersforlife. I'm glad to see you with us and sharing in our love for gardening. I can relate to what you are saying about ."wake up and see what nature has provided for my eyes each and every day." It is truely amazing!
If you need any help, just holler, someone will be around to give a helping hand.
HI Flowersforlife and welcome to GardenForums. I am so glad Spider guided you here she is a great friend and a wonderful woman. I hope see you around the threads.Let us know what you are growing, we love pics
Welcome Flowers! Sounds like you are my kind of garden buddy. I even love rainy days because I think you can actually see things green before your eyes. Hope to see you around!
Hey Stephanie I'm glad you came to visit us.Hope you decide to stay we have a great site here with old and new friends.Just jump in and have fun.:)
I sent an e-mail to my older brother yesterday and invited him to check out the site. He is seven years my senior and he still works a 30 hour week at a garden center in the San Jose area.
Welcome from frozen,cold,snowy MI.!

You will have fun here,just jump in and add your thoughts and experiences!

Makes Garden all the more fun when you share it!:)

Hi oremud, Flower4Yeshua, lynpenny, KyaD, Gloria, Wombat, Swindy, crabber girl, & Spid Lily -thank you all for the very warm welcome.

I'm glad to be here. Can't wait to jump in. Hey, love to take pics to "show and tell" so stay tuned!:D
Welcome Flowerforlife.
So glad Spider is passing the word around. It's a great site with lots of knowledgable people in different aspects of gardening. Can't wait to see some of your flowers. We've got 5' of snow on the ground and maybe an inch of rain coming on Tues. we'll be flooded if it happens. Looking forward to seeing you around more and getting to know you.
Thanks Randy, Ron, Kale, Dale, Mainegal & Chattycarnation for more warm welcome wishes! Mainegal, sorry about the snow headed your way. That is terrible. I tell you, I just don't know how the northerners handle winter, especially gardeners. Sorry yall.

Anyway, I'm glad to be here!
Hello and welcome Flowersforlife....I live on the east coast of Canada and we are in the deep of winter here now, so love hearing about the arrival of spring and all the flowers in the warmer parts of the country!!! Hope to see you around the forum.

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