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Hi All,
I got invited to check out this place from DizzyDaff. I'm a certifiable plantaholic. My favorites are tomatoes and roses, but I love trying just about everything! I grow a lot from seed(as Dizzy can tell you:) )
Humm, what else...I live near the Niagara River in Western NY. I host the Buffalo-Niagara Tomato Tastefest every Sept. on the Sat. after Labor Day.
I think that's all for now.
Nice to meet you,


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Staff member
Hi Remy
So glad you could join us. It's a wonderful forum with lots of wonderful people. we're like one big family. Hope to see you around and get to know you.


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Welcome Remy, any friend of Dizzy is a friend of mine. Glad you joined the group. We are all addicts when you get down to it.


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Hi Remy, I'm Kathryn, aka Scarez --- so nice to meet you!

Jump on in, anywhere, cause, well...cause that's what we ALL do!



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Howdy Remy!!

You will really fit right in and like this bunch of nuts.... ummm... I mean pals! LOL! :p
So glad you came to play! :D
Y'all will like Remy, she's great & has SO MUCH experience with plants and esp seeds!


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Hi Remy, and a big ole welcome. You should feel right at home, we're all plantaholics and glad to have bunches more join us.


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What a great welcome from everyone:)


You don't live that far from here! I've always wanted to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens. I have developed a friendship a local gardener that likes to take road trips with me so I think I will finally have someone to get over there with me.

Kya D

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Hi Remy it's been a long time since I have seen your name around.
I'm glad you are here with us.

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