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They are destroying my yard. Came home today and my peas are all eaten.
CG said to put crackers and peanut butter in the trap
Any other suggestions so I can catch them. Would shoot them but I have not seen them since I got a gun...
You know, we don't really have wood chucks or chipmunks down here, and after listening to the stories and a fair amount of cussing from northern gardeners, I'm delighted we don't. I mean, sub-zero winters *and* large garden devouring rodents? *shudder* No thank yew! I'll take blistering Augusts and Palmetto bugs any day.
Laurie I have read that you should find their den and then lay your trap about 5 or 6 feet away from the opening and make line of veggies from the hole to the trap and into the trap. They have their babies in May so it is very important to get the Mama and babies at the same time.
they are under my shed and the trap is about 5 feet away, i set the trap off before i left for the fireworks as i didn't want a skunk in the trap when iget up in the am
I don't think they are the same cuz gophers take everything from the roots and the plant is dead before you know the root is gone.
Hate em all
some call them gophers around here so was wondering if that is what you called them too
thanks for the link
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