Herbs for cooking?

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Well I am thinking on what kind of herbs plants/seeds to persue for the herb garden...I dont know a lot about cooking with herbs. So what are some
people favorite cooking herbs and what kinds of things do they go in?

Any ideas would be great and fun to se what people have tried.

Hey RR!

I love my herbs and started my seeds just a few weeks back. Now my kitchen counters are lined with pots under florescent lights.

If you start cooking with fresh herbs you will be spoiled and not want to use anything else!

I have six pots of basil, not enough will plant more. Nothing like fresh basil to go with our home grown maters!!

English Thyme is my next favorite great in meat dishes like shepherds pie.

Sage for pork, chicken and turkey.

Chives, parsley and cilantro just cause they are yummy.

Plant away herbs are fantastic!!
herbs are great not only for cooking but for teas.
sage for coughs, thyme for congestion, mint for the tummy
on fried tators i use parsley, basil,thyme, pepper and caynee pepper
sage, thyme in stuffing
savory and tarragon in soup & stews as well as onion & garlic chives
oregano, savor,thyme,basil, chives in spa. sauce with gloves of garlic.
we use our fresh herbs every day for cooking and drinking.
I dry my herbs and then use them. I put one teaspoon in a coffee filter tie it up and then make my tea, hubby like honey in his sage tea. but it works for coughing.
Basil for steamed carrots, pasta sauces, pesto, garlic breads. sage for poultry, chives for soups/stews. chamomile for tea, oregano for sauces.
I've got to watch this thread so I can get ideas on what to use fresh herbs on too. Never have really used them as I didn't know what to use for what.
Guess we need to start a recipe thread for using herbs
I have parsley, sage, chives, feverfew, garlic, garlic chives, and oregano growing outside and basil, rosemary, and thyme growing inside.
I gave a power point presentation at the garden center where I worked in Ontario on culinary and medicinal herbs, I learned so much. Bob has given me on some ideas on how to present it here, it will be a long process, but I will see if I can do it. Even if I could post the written handout it would be very interesting to all of you who are asking about herbs. It is very cool to learn about how many herb oils help with baldness too, ha. I will give it a try tomorrow.
Jade I'll be watching for it. I use sage for pork and chicken, I use basil for salads and tomato, chives for eggs and cheese dishes, I use tarragon for a chicken dish, mint for tea, rosemary for meats, parsley for many things, and garlic in everything.
wow you guys are great! I love all the ideas!

Today I planted seeds of spearmint, peppermint, organic chives, heirloom organic sweet basil and oregano. I have to find the thyme and other herbs yet..this is just what I had. Also is Parsley (dark moss) curley the ones you guys use or is that somthing else? I have it but when i see moss im not so sure i want to eat it..lol I need to make sure its a good one:) Thanks everyone for the great ideas.


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