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How do you all prepare your horseradish. My men want me do fix our's and I'm not quit sure what or how to do it. Can it be canned to last long or not??
IF you had just the top of one you can start it that way, I only have one plant right now, I hope it will seed, but so far it hasn't done much of anything, If it does seed I can send those to you. I know where there might be some but I will have to go look when I get a min. I'll let you know...
oh sorry just got to look at it now and yes it helps greatly. I will print the recipe and try it when the horseradish is ready. thanks a bunch,Kay D.
Horseradish is one of those perennials that once you plant it, it comes back year after year.
I found that it's next to impossible to dig the whole plant out to use. The smaller side roots, as well as the peelings and tops will sprout. I never tried letting them go to seed, it would take a few years for the seedlings to grow large enough to harvest. The peelings can be covered lightly with soil, will send up new shoots in a few weeks. The peelings will even start growing in the compost pile!
By the way, my dad ground the roots up outdoors rather indoors......the first time he did it in the kitchen we all had to get out because our sinuses burned. If you ever smelled a newly opened bottle or horseradish you will know what I mean!!:eek:
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I remember my first and only experience grinding my own about killed me, ha. Needless to say, I buy it now. Be very careful and wear saftey goggles and a respirator if you have one.
Sunflower can you post a picture of the horseraddish plant. I think I had them at last house but I never dug them up. The plants I had had small daisy like flowers on it and grew pretty tall.
A friend used to grow and prepare horseradish and she always did it outside. She had a dedicated blender to grind it because the flavor contaminates whatever it touches. She grew it well away from everything else because it was invasive. I think she had it in tires with a bottom on them, but I can't remember for sure. She had several plants like that. She'd give some to another lady that made mustard. It would knock your socks off.

My husband just said that the only thing he remembers about his dad growing it is that it looked similar to rhubarb only not red stalked and it shouldn't be grown close to anything else because the other plants will taste like it, too.
Ours never had daisy like flowers on them. I've got some that I can try to take a pic of or I'll look on the net to see if I can find a link of a pic of it
My plant but no flowers yet.


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I have not posted in ages,but here is my 2 cents worth on horseradish
Out at Oregon Gardens where I spend about a lot of time playing the market garden
we have horseradish that is more or less mine to play with, I'm out there year around and have yet to see it bloom, it looks kinda like an ugly daisy leaf now..You are right who ever said your lucky if you can get a full root...Not easy..
I pull them in October , then stand outside to peal and cut them up..
In my food processor with crushed ice, kosher salt and white vinegar and yes when you take the lid off it will knock you on your hinny-butt but oh is it good..
Our Hort told me to pull it after our first real cold weather so in late october might do some more, will see
thats my 2 cents worth enjoy it..
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