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I thought it would be fun for all of us having an addiction to Hostas to start a new thread. This is my first attempt at posting photos here, so bear with me.
This first one is Orange Marmalade the second one is Sagae.


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I want to get a June one. I mentioned it to my nurse at work and she thinks that she has them so will be going to her home some weekend to check it out.
I noticed the other night that a couple of my hostas are gone. The darn deer ate them.....
My June are all new Mainey, or I would send you one. She is phenomenal in full shade (we don't have much shade yet), she is also lovely in part sun.
Don't ya just love hostas!!!! I have probably 4 doz different ones and they are all so pretty and hardy.
Thanks Jade.
Would love to see pics of your hostas. I have lots of hostas but only a few different kinds
Oh Laurie I am so electronically challanged that I am not sure if I could load them.
My computer is so old that I don't think it has a port for me to download the pics.
I could email you some pics and you could post them.
I was lucky to get those few photos yesterday. Now my camera is down for the count again. It was a 700 dollar camera. Thankfully hubby found out that it has a history of problems and canon is recalling them to fix them for free, they even pay the shipping. It takes incredible pictures, and I have been so frustrated with it lately. We have two other digital cameras floating around, they are both very old and cheap, but will have to do until this one is fixed.
Hmmm I don't have a single hosta at my place, maybe I should check out if they grow in my climate and see what this ''addiction thing'' is all about:)
Wombat they need shade mostly but they grow zones 3 to 8 as far as I can find.
They are really pretty and carefree
Thanks for the info Kya:) I think I'm in US zone 9-10.....I'm sort of on the borderline, perhaps the high humidity in those zones affects them? I do have plenty of shady areas though.....
Zone 9 what were you thinking when you moved there I mean I live in zone 4-5
We get -20 degrees in the winter. I guess misery loves company
It was cheaper for a house and I don't like cold winters:D That was the first couple of reasons lol, plus I can grow a lot of tropical plants........-20F? in winter?:eek: All we get is frost.....:)
2 unknown hostas

These are 2 of my hostas. I have another one that is full sun but won't quit raining long enough for me to get a picture.


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I am back

Just wrote a big message and lost it. Oh well!! Hi all. How big can pics be? I am a hostaholic and a daylilyholic and an irisholic. BEV:rolleyes:
I'm going with my mom after work tomorrow and digging up an elephant ear hosta that a friend of hers wants to get rid of. I don't have one and free is good.
Full Sun Hosta

This is pictures of my full sun hosta and the blooms.


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