I have Oriental Limelight Artemisia

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Kya D

Active Member
Okey dokey Sandi and Wolfie. I will get them out as soon as the weather will let me.


Super Moderator
Staff member
I got some from Sunflower3 last year and I love it, but yes it will spread super fast , but that is exactly why i got it. Very cool plant


New Member
Hi, It's me again...a newbie. :eek:) I would like to send 2 chunks to my mom. I sent her the link and she said that it would be perfect. She'll pay for postage. Once again, I have no idea how this works, so if you have some left to give out, please let me know what to do. Thanks!


Kya D

Active Member
Hi and welcome Tonia
Please PM me your addy and I will be glad to send you some for your Mom.
Be sure you PM don't post your addy here in the forum
Take care can't to hear from ya.

Kya D

Active Member
Sandi and wolfie your limelights will go out tomorrow.
Sandi Do you want anything else from my yard?
PLMK if I can send anything else.

Kya D

Active Member
Mine is in the ground but when I get to diggin I will pot some up to keep, and control it.

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