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Curbie here is the thread for you. go for it and Ron you jump in there with Randy too.
I just read where it was changed to Mt. Pickles. I know there is a twin peck that is Mt. Tomato. how is that?
Mt. Olive? Wasn't that the next town over from Mayberry on the Andy Griffith Show?
there aren't too many shows that are as good as that was. It had clear cut black and white, good and bad on it and Andy never was the bad cop.
Now you never know who are worse the cops or the bad guys. It gives kids a twisted sense of good and bad.
Weren't her pickles the worst pickles ever?

Pretty close! I can see that episode in my mind and the look of consternation on Andy's face. He didn't want to hurt Aunt Bea's feelings, but he couldn't stand to eat the pickles.
I remember that too Randy. Andy never wanted to hurt someones feelings. He was the good guy. Barney was just a little confused and
The combination of the two made a great show. It was never the same after Barney left. I liked the next effort by Andy Griffith in that lawyer series, but I don't think anything can ever top "The Andy Griffith Show".
We don't celebrate good any longer. Almost every show on tv now shows cops doing illegal things, lawyers breaking and entering, doctors making mistakes and covering them up. Don't get me wrong the world is certainly full of these people but we never celebrate goodness. We never show children how things are supposed to be.
Maybe things are good and right on Mt. Pickle? The good guy in the white hat is the winner. Would Roy Rogers do what they do on tv now? Oh well that was a good time to grow up before all of this chaos began.
That's true. There are few Hollywood people, if any, that I can respect. I prefer to be ignorant of their personal lives so I can at least enjoy a movie if there ever is a good one. We have come to rely on TCM for good movies and watched one last evening with Fibber Magee & Mollie. It was really a good one, but a younger audience would find it corny. But I like corn. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to