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Kya D

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My favorite really basic gardening book is a series called the "expert"
Like houseplant expert or perennial expert.
These are really basic garden guides but they list plants by all common names give a page or two of info on each and are very easy to read and understand.
I don't have any one favorite. As with plants, I've never met a gardening book I didn't like -- or WANT! hehehe :)
Oh like sunset favorite is the A-Z perennial book by the horitculture society......its huge, but amazing.....
I don't have a favorite one yet lol. Brugmansia and daturas I pick up quite a bit. I just got the Territorial seed catalog and it added a new book to my want list I hope to buy it this weekend it is called Root Cellaring.
One of my favorite gardening book is "Perfect Plant Perfect Place". I also like "The Flower Gardener"s Bible". There is so much information in these book.
I bought a book the other day. I think it has some great information in it for the new gardener, and the seasoned. It is Mother Earth News - Guide to Growing Your Own Food. I think it is pretty cool. They have a web link
My wonderful friend bought me a book called sunset, western garden book. It is a great book.
I have a couple of favorites, my favorite tree and shrub book is The Hillier Gardeners Guide to Trees and Shrubs. Ortho also has an excellent book on pests, fungi, weeds, whatever problem you have. It was our bible for any problems that we didn't have an answer for at the garden center where I worked in Ontario. It was truly an amazing book. I will email my boss and ask her the name of it.
My guess is that it cost that much to grow it. LOL I saw a piece a long time back about the economy of using a wood stove. I don't remember the total but it was up into 5 figures by the time the cost of the 4-wheel drive pickup and chainsaw and doctor bills were all added in.
I bought the "Southern Herb Growing " this spring at the zilker festival. I love it and it has recipes in the back for some of the herbs you grow.
I've heard about the $64 tomato. I think I've had years like that. I should get it to read.
Interesting Book

Recently, while stopping by our local bookstore, I happened upon a book on the sale table called "Trees National Champions" by photographer Barbara Bosworth. Although not technically a garden book, it would be of interest to gardeners who love trees. The book depicts champion trees across the country and all were taken in black and white. There are some extraordinary pictures of trees for those who appreciate good black and white images.

I am reading the books Carrots love Tomatoes and Roses love Garlic both by Louise Riotte.
It is secrets of companion planting for successful gardening :) Some great info and wonderful ideas!!

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