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I have a huge sycamore tree in my yard it's been here as along as I can remember.In the top is a hole and a couple of Owl's raise at least 3 babie's every Spring.They are back now I saw them yesterday.I heard them who who whoing last night.LOL :)
I love to hear that. One night I could hear three different owls hooting in the wee hours of the morning.
Where I grew up in Minnesota between 2 lakes we had an owl that used to come and sit on the outside ledge of our bedroom window. It was so cool. That was many, many, moons ago.
I do. Have you ever been out in the dark and have one fly close to you? They are so quiet, it's spooky. But the air going by their feathers makes a very soft sound.
This is the old tree where they raise babie's every Spring.They were back last night talking very loud.WHO WHO WHO ARE YOU.:)


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