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My weekend project took us old people the whole weekend to do. First we removed the grass around the cactus, agava, and yuccas. Then we cut the timbers and fit them, then we covered it with the black ground covering, and then we rocked it. I'm glad we did it cause the grass always dies out in the heat of the summer and weeds come in and it looks awful. Now it should look nice all summer.


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Bear that kind of cactus are houseplants here.
I wish we could grow em as garden plants too.
Lyn Great Job
Funny how things take us a little longer.Looks like you did a great job! Congrats on surviving.
Cool project Lynn!

Bear, you can grow cactus in your area/zone!
There's various species you can grow that are winter hardy to zone 3!
You will need to create a raised bed with mostly sand, but any free draining soil will do!
Check out Park

Just ordered 8 pks of seed from them!
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