Oh the horror!!!

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Went to Wallywolrd yesterday

and saw the scariest thing....

Right there next to the DintyMore Beef stew was...


Chicken pot pie...



in a CAN!!!:eek::eek:

That's just not natural!!!
Maybe you are supposed to put that into a crust. I bought some Marie Callender's individual chicken pot pies recently for my grandson. When I cook something I am pretty sure he won't like, I either heat up one of those pies or a couple of corn dogs for him. Fiona makes the real things occasionally though and he loves those (chicken pot pies).
OMGosh Wolfie are you OK, I know that must have scared you almost to death

I'm still pretty upset...just imagining my beloved pot pie in a can

just looking at the words "chicken pot pie" on a can was more than I could handle :eek:

BF kept LHAO when I told him about it..

doesn't he know how devestated I am :confused:
Honey, we're having chicken CAN pie for dinner. Bet that will get the taste buds diving for cover! Cowardice prevails. I will NOT be giving this a try!!
About the only time I could handle the Dinty Moore stew was at deer camp years ago and I was hungry enough to eat the can. I call that ATSL food (able to sustain life) and that's about all. Once I was promoted to camp cook though, there wasn't that much stuff served that came from cans.
WOW! What they won't put in a can these days!!! What happen to the pot??? LOL! Is it now Chicken Can Pie???
well I had to go to Wally yesterday

curiosity got the better of me and I strolled down "THAT" isle again

picked up the can..there are "dumplins" in it

and there is a recipe for putting it in a pie

still looks nasty!!!

and I still ain't gonna try it!!!

I don't eat much that comes from a can
No! No! No! You can"t make me!! You can't make me!!!

Lalalalalalalalalalala I'm not listening to you!!!!

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